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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Students throughout the College have the opportunity to engage in many Leadership opportunities. This begins in Years 9 & 10 with the Student Council. Each Family Form is represented on the Council by students selected from their Family Form.

In Year 12, Students have the opportunity to be Peer support Leaders, engaging with students as they enter into College to ensure a smooth transition from their primary school.

At the end of each year, Year 12 students apply to attend leadership camp. This takes place at Living Springs at the start of the year. During this camp the students work on leadership activities and select students for House Executive Leadership.

The House Executive runs the House activities throughout the College, which consist of both sport and cultural activities. House competitions are very important to Ashburton College life and each year the House trophy is fiercely contested.

In the Senior College the Student Executive and House Executive are primarily led by the Year 13 students. There is also opportunity for year 12 to be involved in the committees run by the Student Executive.

The Head Boy and Head girl are selected each year and lead the Student Executive. The student Executive consists of five Heads of Committees, a treasurer and secretary. The Committees are

  • Social and Recreation
  • Ball
  • Environment and canteen
  • Student Welfare
  • Cultural
  • Sports

Each Committee is led by a Student Executive member and selected Year 13 and 12 students.



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