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Teaching Staff 

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Carolyn Aberhart Kohunga Room  
Julie Ainsworth English 3IC  
Tevita 'Asi Science  
Clair Bedward Business Studies  
Julia Bell English, Green House Leader  
Milly Brown Head of Faculty Arts  
Claire Bubb Performance Director, CoL within School  
Bryan Bell Science  
Jess Bennett Social Science  
Anne Bowis Technology - Materials  
Liz Cabout 2IC Mathematcs  
Sarah Cadman Head of Tourism  
Ron Carlson Head of Department Sport, PE 842/844
Liz Carrick Foundation Studies  
Yin Chua Mathematics  
Michael Clark Head of Faculty English  819
Angela Cresswell Music  
Stephen Diedricks Head of Department Music 852
Mel Evans Head of Faculty Mathematics 849
Denise Farr Manager CEP 307 1397
Greta Hampton Social Science 820
Cheryl Hardy Teacher in Charge SLSU 856
Natalie Hayes Science  
Hiromi Horsley Languages - Japanese  
Jemma Hurst Geography, History, Law, Timetable, Kamar Administrator,   
Darian Hurst-Long Physical Education  
Mandy Isaacs Science  
Rob Isaacs Technology - Materials 838
Rebecca Jeffery-Jones English  
Marg Jones Head of Faculty Science  
Juliet Johnstone Learning Support Co-Ordinator 836
Sue Johnstone Teacher in Charge Child Development  
Georgia Keenan English  
Genevieve Kirwan Physical Education  
Tom Kitchen Head of Department Languages  
Sarah Lassen Assistant Head of Faculty English, CoL within School-Hoanga Pounamu  
Peter Lee Science, Chemistry, Head of Orange House  
Annie Lees Social Science  
Nicky Lewis Arts  
James List Agriculture  
Marg MacPherson English, CoL within School, eLearning & Leadership of Curriculm Innovation  
Luke Martin Assistant Head of PE & Health, Outdoor Education 844
Vaughan Matheson Head of Faculty PE & Health 844
Angela Mitchell Head of Faculty Social Science  
Kirsty Moffett Social Science  
Brian Molyneux Head of Department Digital Technology, CoL Achivement Data Systems 855
Stacey Monk Mathematics, CoL across School-Numeracy Co-Ordinator  
Clare Naden English  
Michael Petrus Music  
Tiipene Philip Head of Maori, CoL across School Kahui Ako  
Vicky Poole English  
Anna Rimmer Mathematics  
Serrana Rugnitz Teacher in Charge ESOL 829
Patrick Sandrey Social Sciences  
Ali Sayed Mathematics  
Heena Shah Science  
Jessica Sharpe
Kent Slocombe English  
Courtenay Soper English  
Sean Stephen Technology –Materials 834
Susannah Stewart Science Teacher in Charge Biology & Jnr Science  
Chelsea Stockdill Mathematics  
Daniel Tew Automotive  
Jules Townsend Technology  
Jason Vannini Mathematics  
Debbie Van Rooyen Gateway Co-Ordinator 858
Helen Wakelin Social Sciences  
Joanne Wakelin Reading Mentor, English, CoL withing School(Literacy), Homestay Co-Ordinator  
Sam Wakelin History & Classics  
Claire Walker Physcial Education  
Kathleen Watkins  Art  
Hannah White Learning Support Co-Ordinator 836
Anne Williams e-Learning, Library 853
Hannah Young Head of Health  


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P.O. Box 204, Ashburton, 7740

Telephone: +64 3 308-4193 | Facsimile: +64 3 308-2104


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