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Application Procedure and Fees

Ashburton College’s Application Process

We warmly welcome international students to Ashburton College.  We provide a supportive and encouraging environment that provides students with the opportunity to reach their personal and academic potential.

Many students use education agents to help them apply for study at Ashburton College.  If you need an agent to help you then please contact us for recommended agents in your country.  Students may also wish to enrol directly to Ashburton College.

International Enrolment Form - click here


International fees for 2024

2024 – (Fees are inclusive of GST)

  • Enrolment Fee – Once only $350 NZD
  • One Term $4,200 NZD
  • Two Terms $7,750 NZD
  • Three Terms $11,625 NZD
  • Full year (Four school terms) $15,500 NZD
  • Per week fee (short stays under 10 weeks) $475 NZD

2024 Homestay

  • Placement fee – Once only $300 NZD
  • $300 NZD per week

2025 – (Fees are inclusive of GST)

  • Enrolment Fee – Once only $350 NZD
  • One Term $4,200 NZD
  • Two Terms $7,750 NZD
  • Three Terms $11,625 NZD
  • Full year (Four school terms) $15,500 NZD
  • Per week fee (short stays under 10 weeks) $475 NZD

2025 Homestay

  • Placement & support fee – Once only $350
  • $335 NZD per week
  • Short Stay (4 weeks and under) $350 per week 


2024 & 2025 Printable Fees


Download Student Handbook

What does your tuition fees pay for?

This fee includes:

  • All registration fees
  • Orientation Programme
  • Wireless Internet at College
  • Use of Textbooks
  • Tuition - including ESOL classes
  • Pick-up and drop of at Christchurch International Airport (two trips per year)
  • Assistance throughout your stay from the College’s on-site Homestay Co-ordinator
  • Academic support and future course advice

This fee does not include:

  • Exam fees - NCEA Entry
  • VISA Application
  • Competitions
  • School Field Trips
  • Music and singing lessons
  • Stationery
  • College Uniform
  • Lost or damaged textbooks
  • Homestay moves
  • Personal Requirements    
  • Accommodation
  • Insurance    
  • English Language Tests such as IELTS and TOEFL
  • Skiing Programme (1 and 3 day)
  • Sports Team Trips
  • Field Trips incur additional costs include Geography, Biology and History field trips
  • Outdoor Education costs approximately $600 NZD per year, $150 NZD per term

Full details of the additional fees

Subject Fees

Some practical subjects have a charge for take home materials. Outdoor Education Programme fees: $150 per term or $600 full year (subject to change).

The full tuition fee must be received in advance as the receipt for the tuition fee forms part of your New Zealand Visa application. Homestay fees must also be paid in advance.

Your paid-up fees are held in a trust account and are only released to the College as costs are incurred. This protects both parties should something untoward occur and a refund be necessary

*All fees are quoted in New Zealand Dollars

Fees Protection

Ashburton College has a Fee Protection Policy to safeguard the fees paid by International students, in the unlikely event that the College may not be able to commence or continue to deliver tuition to the international student.

The College’s Board of Trustees guarantees to hold in reserve sufficient funds to meet the requirements of any refund in these circumstances.

Medical and Travel Insurance

Medical and Travel Insurance is compulsory for the duration of the student’s course. You can arrange it yourselves or it can be arranged through the school with Unicare Travel Insurance.  For more information on this policy please view the website:

The approximate cost of insurance arranged through the school is as follows:

Cover for 12 months - $600
Cover for 26 weeks - $340
Cover for 12 weeks - $200

Insurance fees are subject to change by the Insurance provider and the insurance premium is calculated on exact travel dates and may differ from these estimates.

Approximate age for each year leave at Ashburton College

Year 9  – age 13 years        Year 10 – age 14 years
Year 11 – age 15 years        Year 12 – age 16 years
Year 13 – age 17-18 years

Please read: Insurance Important Information



Steps to Apply

1. Please complete the online enrolment form here.  Answer all questions honestly.  Please read carefully the attached documents before you sign.  A signature is required by both parent/s and student.  This is done ectronically.

2. Attach the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Clear photo
  • Latest school report

3. Your application will be processed, we may ask additional questions.    

4. You will be sent an invoice and Offer of Place (OOP).  Once payment is made you will receive a receipt. You will need your receipt and Offer of Place to apply for a student visa, if you are studying for 3 months or more. 

For more details on applying for a student visa, please go to Student Visa from the New Zealand Immigration Service We are happy to help you apply for a visa, for additional visa information click here.        

       You must get an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) if you are travelling 
       without a visa on a passport from a visa waiver country.  If you are studying for under 
       3 months and do not have a visa you need to apply for a NZeTA.  Having a NZeTA 
       shows you're allowed to travel to NZ.  Please follow this link:             
       Then press the red button to apply.  

        5. Book your flights and send us the details.

6. We will confirm your accommodation and send you details of your host family.  We encourage you to have contact with your family prior to arriving in NZ.

7. We will let you know who will be at the airport to welcome you to NZ.  Your flight will be tracked, and if there are any problems on your journey, please contact the Homestay Co-ordinator, Mrs Leigh Heany-Lee on +64274041222.

8. Welcome to Ashburton College – we have an orientation program that supports you to adjust to your new environments and encourages you to make the most of your time with us.



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