Educational Results

Academic Results 2017

Ashburton College out-perform similar Decile rated schools in New Zealand at all levels of student assessment, in particular:

  • NCEA Level 1 (Year 11) 2017 – 85.2% (similar rated schools are 75.7%)
  • NCEA Level 2 (Year 12) 2017 – 86.4% (similar rated schools are 79.8%)
  • NCEA Level 3 (Year 13) 2017 – 68.2% (similar rated schools are 63%)

Asian students perform well above the combined school population:

  • NCEA Level 1 – 91.3%
  • NCEA Level 2 – 100%
  • NCEA Level 3 – 85%

NZ European students perform above the combined school population:

  • NCEA Level 1 – 89.4%
  • NCEA Level 2 – 89.1%
  • NCEA Level 3 – 71.3%

Head Students in 2018


Head Boy   -  Caleb Livingstone
Head Girl   -   Connie Davidson

Deputy Head Boy   -   Matthew Clough
Deputy Head Girl   -   Uatifoti Saofai

Prize-Givings: End-of-Year Award Recipients 2017

At the end of three days of Prize-Giving Ceremonies a number of top awards were confirmed. These awards indicate commitment, hard work, focus and contributions on behalf of each of these students.  They are to be commended for all that they have achieved.

It is with very grateful appreciation that the College recognises community support of many of these awards.

Year 13 Graduation Ceremony

Dux of Ashburton College

Samantha McArthur

And therefore the recipient of the Rotary Club of Ashburton Scholarship Award and the Ashburton High School Centennial Trust Plaque.

In gaining Dux, Samantha attained the following Awards -

  • Chemistry  (Drummond Memorial Prize and Keith Gunn Cup)
  • German   (German Embassy Prize)
  • History  (John Stewart Memorial Prize and Digby Prosser Cup)
  • Music  (John Stewart Memorial Prize)
  • Mid Canterbury Choir Award for contribution to the Phoenix Choir
  • Ashburton Music Club Award for Most Promising Music Student
  • Otago University Performance Entrance Scholarship
  • Level 3 Excellence Award
  • Application and Effort

And was also the recipient of -

  • Addis Trophy for vocal music
  • Ashburton Musical Club Trophy for best performance student
  • Ashburton Tertiary Study Scholarship recipient
  • R O McDowell Crystal Trophy for Character and Leadership  (Ashburton High School Centennial Trust)

Proxime Accessit (Runner–Up to the Dux)


Recipient of the Rotary Club of Ashburton Scholarship Award

Kirsten Clarke 

Kirsten’s pathway to this achievement came via Awards in -

  • Accounting (Gabities Ltd Prize)
  • Classical Studies
  • English (Maria Jarman Prize and Cup) (Joint Award)
  • Ashburton Lions Club Award for individual research in Mathematics with Statistics
  • Level 3 Excellence Award
  • Application and Effort

And was also the recipient of -

  • T T Ryder Prize for application, cheerful effort and building significantly on her learning
  • Ashburton Trust Tertiary Study Scholarship

Rakirua Trophy for the Top All-Round Achievement by a Maori Student in Year 13

Veronica Wall

Veronica achieved the following awards –

  • Economics (Joint Award)
  • English (Maria Jarman Prize and Cup) (Joint Award)
  • Steve Beveridge Trophy for the best performed rower
  • Senior Girls Sports Cup – Most Elite Female Sportsperson in the College
  • Collected on behalf of the
  • Geography (Arnott Award and Jane Taylor Cup)
  • Year 13 Excellence Award
  • Application and Effort

Community Contributed Awards

On behalf of our student recipients, Ashburton College acknowledges, with gratitude, the community-minded support, which enables the annual provision of the following generous scholarships.

Ashburton Trust / Lion Foundation Tertiary Study Scholarships

Kirsten Clarke
Olivia Gibson
Georgina Kelly
Sophie Kettley
Alyce Lysaght
Melissa Maslin
Samantha McArthur
Brooke Olsen
Annalise Reilly
Nic Thomassen
Mitchell Wolf

Ashburton Club & MSA Scholarship

Kirsten Clarke

Ashburton Masonic Lodge Centennial Scholarship

Alyce Lysaght

EA Networks Scholarship for a student studying to enter the Electrical Industry

Alyce Lysaght

Ashburton Technical School Old Pupils Trade Scholarship

Ruairidh McLean
Harry Rosevear

NBS Ashburton College Alumni Scholarship

Alyce Lysaght

Lions of Ashburton County Award for Citizenship & Community Involvement

Nic Thomassen
Melissa Maslin

R O McDowell Award for Pride in their School & Community

Hannah Jerao

Rotary Club of Ashburton & Fooks Memorial Award for Prominence in Scholarship,
Leadership & Extra Curricular Activities

Henry Hickman

Year 12 Prize-Giving


ANZ Bank Academic Achievement Award for Top Student in Year 12

Diana Barbu

In attaining, the Year 12 Top Scholar Award Diana gained the following Awards –

  • Chemistry     (Ashburton District Council Prize)
  • Biology        (Ashburton District Council Prize)
  • English        (Mary Bovett Prize & Murow Cup)
  • German        (German Embassy Award)
  • Mathematics    (Ashburton District Council Prize( (Joint Award)
  • Life Ashburton Pharmacy for the top overall student enrolled in three Sciences
  • Winner of the Senior Poetry section of the Ashburton College Creative Writing Competition
  • Citizenship Award for mentoring students in reading
  • Level 2 Excellence Award
  • Level 2 Excellence Award
  • Application and Effort

Rakiura Award for the Top Year 12 Maori Student

Jessica Banks


Jessica also gained the following awards:-

  • Clayton Cup for Girls Cycling
  • Level 2 Merit Award
  • Application and Effort

Year 11 Prize Giving

Ashburton High School Centennial Trust Top Scholar Award for Year 11

Mollie Gibson

In attaining, the Year 11 Top Scholar Award Mollie gained:-

  • Level 1 Excellence Award
  • Application and Effort

Rakirua Trophey for the Top Performing Year 11 Maori Student

Alex Wood - Alex also gained the following awards:-

  • Winner of the Year 11 Speech Competition
  • Level 1 Merit Award
  • Application and Effort

Thistle Masonic Lodge Prize for Citizenship

Liam Pram


Mollie Gibson

Alex Wood

Liam Pram

Year 9 and 10 Prize-Givings

From the Year 9 and 10 Prize-Giving Awards held on the 7th & 8th December 2018 we highlight four key award recipients.

Ashburton High School Centennial Trust Top Scholar of Year 10

Penny Stilgoe

Awards gained by Penny were -

  • Top Student in Mathematics (McLean Cup) - Penny was also the Top Scholar in Year 9, at the conclusion of 2016, and winner of the Ashburton College Year 9 Scholarship on entry to Ashburton College
  • Top Student in Science
  • Top Student in Money Management – Joint Award
  • Excellence in English
  • Excellence in Agriculture
  • General Excellence in 10J
  • Winner of Year 10 Speech Competition
  • Application and Effort

Archie Keepa (Kaumata Ashburton College 1993-2003) Toru Iwikau Trophy for Top Overall Year 10 Maori Student

Lucy Moore

Additional Awards gained by Lucy were -

  • Top Student in Art
  • Top Student in Technology Wood
  • Excellence in Graphics
  • Excellence in Materials Fabrics
  • Application and Effort

Ashburton High School Centennial Trust Top Scholar of Year 9

Gemma Taylor

Awards gained by Gemma were -

  • Top Student in English (Hill Cup)
  • Top Student in Science
  • Excellence in Graphics
  • Excellence in Social Studies
  • Excellence in Food & Nutrition
  • Excellence in Drama
  • Excellence in Fabric Tecnology
  • General Excellence in 9RK
  • Application and Effort

Rakiura Trophy for the Top Overall Year 9 Maori Student

Tia McCallum

Awards gained by Tia were -

  • Top Student in Mathematics (Williamson Cup)
  • Top Student in Social Studies (Edsall Cup)
  • Excellence in Science
  • Application and Effort

Galletly Award for Leadership and Innovation

Coty Cuadrado

This award is for Year 9 or Year 10 student showing the above attributes and reflecting the College values of Quality, Pride and Respect in their actions at College.

Coty is an outstanding young woman who has fully embraced opportunities at Ashburton College this year.

Coty has been a leader within her Family Form class, 9BK, providing support and encouragement to all students and establishing herself as a role model for others.  Coty assisted in organising her class participation in the Top Class competition and was, of course, a member of the winning class at Year 9.

Coty’s empathy and warmth led to her appointment as an ambassador for a German student.  She was a passionate supporter of Blues House and gave notable performances in both the Festival of the Spoken Word and Lip Sync.  She is a member of Phoenix Rising, showing absolute commitment to the choir.  Coty also played netball in the College U16 team and participated in swimming, attending the Aoraki Championships.

In the classroom, Coty could be relied upon to give her best effort and this was rewarded at the Prizegiving with the awards listed below:-

  • Excellence in Art
  • Excellence in Food & Nutrition      
  • Excellence in Digital Technology
  • Application and Effort

Gemma Taylor


Tia McCallum


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